Tooth extraction

Finally, I had the tooth extracted. It has been bothered me for a long time. I didn’t make up my mind until yesterday night when it hurt like shit that made me barely sleep. Extremely toothache plus bad stiff neck, what a night!

Got up at 7:30 in the morning, probably not got up. It is more proper to say couldn’t stand the torture from the pain anymore. Check the address of citydental, took the T-bana directly to centrallen, pop by Drottninggatan 27. I didn’t make an appoinment, it was regarded as totally an emergency. Waited around half an hour, then nurse diagnosed, then suggested an extraction. I kept thinking but couldn’t remember when the last time did I extract a tooth, that must be long long long time ago.

The extraction wasn’t too easy since the wisdom tooth is totally decayed, but the amazing thing is that it doesn’t hurt, not at all. I have no idea how they made that, but it just doesn’t hurt, hahaha!

I was later asked whether saved the tooth or not, the tooth fairy gives a child money or gift in exchange for a tooth that fallen out. First of all, I’m not too sure whether I am a child anymore, secondly, the tooth fairy might also think it’s too expensive to pay the extraction that cost 1490 SEK, lol.

Anyway, I feel happy now after the painless extraction that makes me no pain anymore.

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