Galdhøpiggen climbing and skiing

Time for some exciting backcountry skiing in Norway, and climbing the peak of Scandinavia.

Wait, how high is it? 2469m. Not the highest mountain one might come cross, but pretty sure it’s gonna be lots of fun!


Stockholm – Oslo – Lom – Spiterstulen – Galdhopiggen – Lom – Stockholm

Dates: 2013-03-01 to ?

March 1

1) Start the trip from Stockholm, taking train to Oslo

2) and then take the bus to Lom.

3) Cross country skiing from Lom to Spiterstulen. (34 km)

Aim for reaching the Cabin named Spiterstulen at night.

March 2 – 3
Try to summit on March 2nd or 3rd, depending on the weather.

Ski up and ski down.

March 4
Trip home booked on Monday, March 4, but rebookable, just in case might need another day in the mountain.

Useful links:
Bus from Oslo to Lom:
Cabin Spiterstulen:



Timetable: bus from Oslo to Lom.



Map, 1:25000, 1:50000


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