A bit worn out  for not having any vacation in the summer. It’s getting harder and harder, sometimes just feel like don’t wanna talk to anyone or avoid any communication. Has received complains from several friends for not replying SMSs neither FB messages, sorry for being a horrible friend, it’s just a bit tired.

It said to be Zhongqiu Jie today, kinda felt sorry for myself of using the word “said to be”. Seriously, barely remember it. Was sleeping at 19:30 while I got a call from J yesterday about going over for a Moon dinner. Then realized, aha! it’s zhongqiu.

Today, a busy as hell day, forgot again about the Zhongqiu thing, until… like now…

Anyways, everything is just fine, not as bad as it it written, it’s just a way get the head a bit fresher and let the shit out.

Ps: it’s so hard to use those F words when I’m writing than talking. Burst out four-letter-words is always a good way to unleashing emotions or pressures.

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