Koushui songs

Sing For The Moment, such a great song.

It’s interesting that as the new generation of “koushui” songs always makes the old ones become somehow classic, if there are new ones, of course.

Sing for the moment use to be really koushuish a few years ago, then it came Love the way you lie, then Not afraid, I need a doctor.

Same thing to Gaga, when it was Poker Face all over the place, I was so sick and tired of it for a while, hehe. Then it came Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Telephone, Alejandro, and Born this way, Speechless. Gaga is one of those artists that doesn’t produce as many crazy amount of songs but almost each and every of them became koushui and then classic.

It apparently takes a few years to turn a koushui song use-to-be to a classic. A koushui song always gets something to make it able to become a koushui 眨眼

Well, this is just some kinda weird theory in mind need to speak it out, haha.

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