Wake me up when the summer ends

Starting to have more appliances than a regular housewife, hehe.

豆浆机,blender,nespresso,water boiler,they are all over the place in the small kitchenette.

Wanted Soya Milk so much, sis brought one from CN last year.

Wanted good and easy coffee, bought a nespresso

Wanted to have home made smoothie, bought a blender, and btw, had to buy a Freezer before that, hehe.

Now the morning could be so eventful, make coffee, smoothie, sometimes even soya milk and pancake, hehe.

Gonna have to stop buying all this things before the studio room is getting even more stuffed, ha!

今天是连续第二天去SATS,这个夏天总共加起来也就了几次,斯京短暂的夏天实在不喜欢在室内锻炼。不过今天撑最后一下Abs machine时候有点儿把左边的肩膀拉伤了,现在感觉怪怪的。然后回来把一大块肉给做了,做得好好吃。

今年夏天木有假期,现在很想出去透透气,但是重任在身,sigh,guess it’s gonna pay off sometime.


今天准备一首Wake me up when september ends最为睡前结束曲目。

Summer has come and passed,

the innocent can never last,

like me come to pass Europe,

four years has gone so fast,

here comes the rain again

falling from the stars

drenched in life again

becoming who we are

as my memory rests

but never forget what I lost

Good night, 所有未眠的人们。

greenday – wake me up when september ends

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