How to make love to a woman




1. Her train didn’t quite made it to Orlando, THAT’S HOW ALL THE PROBLEM STARTED.

2. Andy asking: what’s the best position? Layne reform the question: what’s the best sequence of positions? 哈哈哈,笑抽我了。

3. She sighed me, in what way? 哈哈哈

4. a couple of minute per boob. 还能再雷点儿么!!!

5. She magged me!

6. sensual kissing, full-body caressing, the vocalizing, afterplay, foreplay, 好多流弊的词汇啊

总结一点,和我估计的结局类似。Good communication skills are the key to any relationship. 不要意气用事,and always tell what you really feel.

Anyway, had a good fun, ha!

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