Heading to US

Leaving in 6 hours, hasn’t even started packing. Seems like endless things to do.

Finish or hand over all the ongoing contacts.


9点的飞机。打印材料还没准备好,5点起床去BL打印一下,6点奔向Arlanda Express, NYC 转机,下午5点到Kansas City.

刚刚把competition rules 看了一遍,还真的有点儿肾上腺素冒上来了,兴奋中又有点儿小紧张,很久没有这感觉了,呵呵。Kinda like it。

护照、信用卡,手机,电脑,有这四样,再包几件衬衫,一套西装,anything else?

Alright, let’s seriously gonna kick some asses over the ocean 😛

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