Life is always screwed, incidents everywhere everyday. Shits are happening all the time and we all deal with lots of crap in our lifetime.

It’s not about to complaining anything, sometimes we just live with it, take it easy. Forget the shitty part and Remember the good stuff.

Roaming around,bought a ticket to Brussels on March, I don’t really know whether I’m gonna be free or not at that time, I just feel like I’m probably gonna need some break after a while. The whole Chinese trip was kinda stressed. The food part is still awesome, if ignoring the shit load of work.

Finally got the Nexus One yesterday, after travelling around 3 fourth of the globe. Generally happy with it, but didn’t really feel anything special on that. It’s just I got a good phone with my name on it, that’s it. But guys around have all been crazy about my phone, everybody said I made them jealous, lol.

Doesn’t that look pretty. Taken by Nexus 🙂

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