Fucking exhausted, this is called life…
    Mixing newspapers, Deliverying… Life is really not easy. Seems that I didn’t realize that such kind of work so sucks. I just felt that it had been even more tired than walking in the mountains with a 25kg huge bag upon my shoulder. I didn’t just feel the tired, it almost destoryed my will, a really big crap.
    Whatever, i found that it is sooooo fortunate that i am still in school, hiding in the ivory tower. Embrace what i have now, life is actually not easy but still full of pleasure.
    Cheer up!

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  1. Being in school gives one the sense of belonging, while work could fulfill one\’s mental need for success and self-fulfillment, which is a higher level of psychological need compared to what school can offer. Pleasure, pleasure, we are all pleasure hunters…

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